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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Vengekeep Prophecies (by Brian Farrey)

The Vengekeep Prophecies
by Brian Farrey
Release date : October 23rd, 2012 
“You can’t convict what you can’t confirm.” That’s the motto of 12-year-old Jaxter Grimjinx and his infamous family of thieves. And while Jaxter may not have his father’s burglary prowess, his mother’s forgery skills, or his little sister’s mastery of sleight-of-hand, his book-fed knowledge of non-magical solutions to magical problems makes him invaluable to the family’s heists.

But the Grimjinxes may have pulled one con too many in their hometown, Vengekeep.  After swapping the prophetic tapestry used to guide Vengekeep’s actions for a fake concocted by Jaxter’s mother, the Grimjinxes are stunned when the false prophecies begin coming true, bringing destruction in their wake.

Suddenly, Vengekeep is besieged by “natural” disasters and rampaging monsters, courtesy of the secretly enchanted counterfeit tapestry.  With his family forced to stay and combat the impending doom, Jaxter must leave his hometown in search of a way to keep the increasingly dangerous prophecies from wiping Vengekeep off the map. (from  www.brianfarreybooks.com)
MY THOUGHTS : I thought THE VENGEKEEP PROPHECIES was an unusual read. I loved the plot's thread (pun intended, if you've already read it) and found it exciting, but... not enough. The story has everything to turn the book into an action-packed one. When Jaxter leaves the city to save Vengekeep, I was expecting many situations and adventures but, unfortunately, I thought it lacked excitement and humour. Also, there aren't many secondary characters and the ones that are depicted aren't that much developped. The ending (and other things) were quite predictable too.

Although I loved Jaxter's character, it wasn't enough to keep me focused. Again, the plot is great, but I didn't find it colourful and eventful enough for my taste. Maybe I wasn't in the mood? I would love to hear what you thought of it!

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  1. I feel ya. It is a mood thing for me too. I have to be in the mood for Middle Grade. I can listen to them any day but I must be in the mood to read them. Great cover.


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