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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Titanic : #1 Unsinkable and #2 Collision Course (by Gordon Korman)

TITANIC #1 : Unsinkable
by Gordon Korman
Release date : May 1st, 2011

The ultimate action/adventure trilogy begins, with #1 bestselling author Gordon Korman plunging readers into the heart of the Titanic.
The Titanic is meant to be unsinkable, but as it begins its maiden voyage, there's plenty of danger waiting for four of its young passengers. Paddy is a stowaway, escaping a deadly past. Sophie's mother is delivered to the ship by police - after she and Sophie have been arrested. Juliana's father is an eccentric whose riches can barely hide his madness. And Alfie is hiding a secret that could get him kicked off the ship immediately. The lives of these four passengers will be forever linked with the fate of Titanic. And the farther they get from shore, the more the danger looms... (from Goodreads)

MY THOUGHTS : What doesn't fail with the "Titanic" recipe is that we KNOW how it's all going to end. The big picture, at least. Which makes us cling to the characters even more (Who will survive? Who will not?) and gives suspense and tension to what would be ordinary situations.
In this trilogy's installment, the main plot works quite well. We're able to visit the Titanic "backstage", so I was quite curious and satisfied with it. The characters take us everywhere. The chapters alternate from one to another, which gives a nice dynamic to the story.

But this book really is an installment, meaning that not much happens, but the whole plot is in place and ready to begin. I would've liked a bit more action. But I couldn't wait to read the second book!

TITANIC #2 : Collision Course
by Gordon Korman
Release date : August 1st, 2011

From bestselling author Gordon Korman, a second heart-stopping adventure aboard the unluckiest ship of all.
The Titanic has hit the high seas--and moves steadily toward its doom. Within the luxury of the cabins and the dark underbelly of the ship, mysteries unfold--a secret killer who may be on board, a legacy that may be jeopardized, and a vital truth that will soon be revealed. For Paddy, Sophie, Juliana, and Alfie, life on the Titanic brings both hiding and seeking, as their lives become irrevocably intertwined.And then, of course, an iceberg appears, and the stage is set for the final scene.  (from Goodreads)

MY THOUGHTS : A nice sequel, more thrilling than its predecessor. We continue to discover the ship and its many places with interest, and the narration and chapters are even more effective and dynamic. It's a really nice series, and it's too bad that the books are so short! The tension grows little by little, and I think the third book will be the peak of it! But I thought there was a lack of emotion between the characters. There is some, but not enough. For instance, I wouldn't have said no to a little love story... Anyway, the plot is well lead, thanks to good descriptions and perfect timing.

All in all, a enjoyable and touching read, which answers a lot of questions that we ask ourselves about the famous Titanic. I haven't read the third book, so I can't say if it's the same, but I guess it should be. :)

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