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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Cordially Uninvited (by Jennifer Roy)

Cordially Uninvited
by Jennifer Roy
Release date : April 3rd, 2012

Every girl wishes she was a princess—and Claire’s cousin is living the dream!
But will this  royal romance end in disaster?Eleven-year-old Claire Gross is fascinated by all things royal—especially because her very own cousin Belle is engaged to the Prince of England! Even though Claire is going to be a junior bridesmaid, she’s not as excited about the wedding as you might think. For one thing, she can’t tell anyone—not even her best friend. And for another, Claire’s parents are divorced, so she’s not so sure that “happily ever after” even exists. But when Claire gets to England and meets mean-girl Pandora—also a junior bridesmaid—she quickly realizes that whether or not she believes in true love, if she doesn’t take action, Pandora could break up Belle’s relationship! It may be the royal party of the century—but between the mishaps, the mayhem, and an awful social-climbing princess-wannabe, will there still be wedding bells for the happy couple?

MY THOUGHTS : After the excitement madness caused by Kate and William's wedding, who wouldn't dream of taking a trip behind the scenes of the event? (by sheer curiosity of course, not to bump accidentally into Harry or, say, Alan Rickman, or, I don't know Colin Firth!)*. I thought it was a brilliant idea for a book!

CORDIALLY UNINVITED takes us into the (almost) intimacy of the Royal family through the eyes of a very friendly 11 year old American girl. It's cute, it's catchy, the small plot nested in the big one works perfectly (even though I would've liked a little more "threat" and suspense with the Pandora story).

The most interesting things in the book remain our journey through royal life, the love story between Belle and the Prince, and the touching relationship between Belle and Claire. But, concerning the first point, I would've liked many more details! Call me paparazzi, but I felt like we could've witnessed so much more! Not so much of a problem during the weeks of preparation, but on the wedding day? I wanted descriptions, I wanted to know what people were wearing, I wanted to hear the crowd shouting, to feel the jubilation. I wanted to know what it felt like to enter the church, how everyone acted and felt... I understand that we're focused on Claire, who is not the bride, but a few anecdotes would've been welcome.

Some tiny inconsistencies sometimes got my attention (Would Belle and the Prince really have had the time to eat home-made hamburgers with a group of teens three days before the wedding? Oh, well, maybe I'm wrong!). But I was captivated nonetheless, by the characters, Claire's enthusiasm and personality, and by her old and new friends who were endearing and funny.

CORDIALLY UNINVITED will, I am sure, conquer girls' hearts! The tiny issues that I mentionned are not enough to dislike this book, which is very pleasant and fun!

*I know, it's not because they're British that they attended, but I was just making a point.

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  1. this book is a awesome book READ IT NOW!


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