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Friday, 17 September 2010

French Friday (38) - Guest Post by Caroline

Well, ladies and gents, this is the first French Friday Guest Post and I am THRILLED to welcome Caroline from Portrait of a Woman for this week's French post!
Thank you so much, Caroline, for participating! And I have to agree with you, these French covers are really really pretty...

Hello everyone !

Today I will be sharing with you the beautiful French covers of the wonderful Sarah Dessen books! Now everyone loves Sarah Dessen (and if you don’t know her, hop over to the closest bookshop and get started!), she is incredibly talented and always writes very deep and character-driven stories.

I never liked the US covers as much as I liked the UK covers because the US ones usually look just like any other YA books whereas the very special UK covers exist only for Sarah Dessen’s books and make them as special on the outside as they are on the inside.

BUT that was before I came across the insanely cute French covers of some of her books! Not all of Sarah Dessen’s books are translated in French and some editions actually take the US cover, but for the four following books, a very special type of cover has been designed!

Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen
French title: Toi qui a la clé (You have the key)

US / UK / French

I am really loving the simplicity and cuteness of the French cover, the font is amazing and I like the mix of covers and the use of a tree. The US cover looks very peaceful and summery though.

Just Listen by Sarah Dessen
French title: Ecoute-là (Listen to it)

US / UK / French

I really don’t like the US cover, it’s just too plain. I used to love the UK cover but it looks very full and bright in comparison to the French one. I like the simplicity of it and the colours. I don’t think there can be three more different covers for the same book!


The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen
French title: Pour toujours… jusqu’à demain (Forever… until tomorrow)

US / UK / French

Again, I don’t like the US cover at all, but the font of the title (had it been bigger) is really nice. I like the French cover but the grass thing looks a bit off. I think I’ll prefer the UK cover on that one, it’s gorgeous and I love the hand!

This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen
French title: Cette chanson-là… (This song…)

US / UK / French

This is my personal favourite! The US cover is very pale and not very clear. The UK cover is a beauty, there’s colour but not too much and the cover isn’t as crowded as Just Listen. But isn’t the French cover one of the cutest one you’ve ever seen? I know I have some sort of predisposition to think that all things pink are cute, but still… I *love* this cover!!!

If you want to know more about Sarah Dessen, head over to Sophie’s blog So Many Books, So Little Time, she wrote a post on her love for the amazing writer and was the one to tell me I should definitely read her books!

Which covers did you like the best?

Happy Friday people and thanks to Charlotte for inviting me on her French Friday feature!


  1. Wow, the French covers for the Sarah Dessen books look gorgeous! I actually like the US covers better than the UK ones, but I agree with you that the French covers are amazing. Kudos to Sarah Dessen's French publisher :D

  2. I think all of these covers looks pretty great, but on the last book the French cover was just amazing.

    I've never read a novel by Sarah Dessen, maybe you girls could suggest to me which one to try out first?

  3. Wow I am really digging the UK covers! Thanks for sharing these beautiful collections!

  4. I think the French covers are beautiful! I can't say which is my favorite, they are all nice. I haven't ever read anything by this author so I will check Sophie's blog to find out more about her!


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