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Monday, 13 September 2010

BBAW 2010 - Day 1 : First Treasure

Yay! Today is the first day of the Book Blogger Appreciation Week!
Every day there is a blogging topic we can write about on our blog.

Today's topic is First Treasure.
We invite you to share with us about a great new book blog you’ve discovered since BBAW last year! If you are new to BBAW or book blogging, share with us the very first book blog you discovered. Tell us why this blog rocks your socks off and why you keep going back for more. (BBAW)

Since I started book blogging just a few days after last year's BBAW, I shall talk about the first book blog I discovered and which led me to start my own.

I discovered the existence of book blogs quite simply: I was looking for an online review of a particular book (I can't remember which one though!). And my google search led me to a place called Presenting Lenore...

My first thought was: "oh, what a nice header for a blog!". And then I started browsing through the posts, and just couldn't stop! I had no idea that book blogs existed. In fact, I had never thought about it, not being a big blog-reader.

I loved reading Lenore's reviews: to the point, honest and well-written. Who could ask for more?! Plus, I fell in love with the pictures that Lenore posted of her cats

Then I saw that long list on the right, full of names linking to other book blogs. My passion for book blogging was then born. :)

I still visit Presenting Lenore regularly. I love her reviews, her author interviews. I love every single post actually! She's an awesome person and blogger.

Lenore was also king enough to participate in my Book Blogging Around The World feature. You can check out her interview here.

So, many of you probably already know Lenore and her blog, but if you don't I advise you to visit her! I am thrilled to say that Presenting Lenore made the shortlist in this year's BBAW award categories for Best YA Book Blog and Best Author Interviews. Good luck Lenore, you totally deserve it!


  1. Presenting Lenore was also one of the first book blogs I discovered! :-)
    This year I blogged about you. . . :-P Be flattered!

  2. Presenting Lenore is a really lovely blog! I'm new to yours, but it looks good as well!

  3. I will head over straight away. I hadn't heard of Presenting Leonore before.

    Iris, I've been following Charlotte's blog for a few months now and loving it!

  4. Lenore is pretty outstanding! I think I've been following her since I started blogging two years ago. I love the pictures she posts of her cats, so adorable.

  5. That is one of my favorite blogs too!

  6. I also really like Presenting Lenore! She's a sweet person and I loved that she helped me with writing better reviews. :) Great choice. ;)

  7. Ah, a good choice. Lenore has a great blog.

  8. I've heard of Presenting Lenore but have n3ever made it over there. I do so now. You also have a lovely blog yourself. Nice to meet you.

  9. Lenore's blog is great. I love seeing pictures of all her cats and new kittens too!


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