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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Book Blogging Around The World (23) : Hong Kong, China

Name : Alice Chan
City / Country : Hong Kong / China

Welcome Alice!

Tell us a little bit about you.
Hi! I’m Alice (: I’m just about 14 years old, and my obsession is books. My friends call me weird and a nerd cos I read so much, but I guess it’s kind of true (: I consider myself a very outgoing person – I’m the type of girl who isn’t afraid to say what I think and I’m seriously hyper, pretty much all the time.

Tell us a little bit about your blog.
My blog is a mostly YA book review blog that I update REALLY frequently! I’m just starting out but I’m planning to have a lot of features and interviews and contests later on (:

Have you ever lived anywhere else in the world?
Nope, I was born and raised in Hong Kong.

What countries have you visited?
Wow. Uh… a lot. My parents love to travel and they always take me and my siblings along with them! I’ve been to France, Spain, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore. Australia, all over the US, Canada, Britain, Nepal, India, Austria, Thailand, and quite a few more.

What countries would you like to visit?
I’m dying to visit the Maldives, especially before it sinks! Oh, and I’d love to go to places like Fiji and Greece and Italy!

According to you, what are the positive and negative aspects of being a book blogger in China?
Positives: A lot of books come out earlier here than they do in the US, which I think is really cool!
Negatives: Authors don’t come here much ): Plus, all those awesome events like BEA and all are always in the US!

What Chinese authors and books would you recommend?
I really loved Cindy Pon’s Silver Phoenix, and I was really impressed by the historical accuracy of The Piano Teacher by Janice YK Lee (but that’s an adult book, actually). Plus…manga! (:

How many languages do you speak?
I speak fluent English and Mandarin, but I can also speak Cantonese, Japanese, and a bit of Malay.

In which language do you read the most ?
I’d have to say English, because I go to an American school here in Hong Kong so the language I use the most is English! I wish I could say I read a lot of Chinese books too.

Where do you usually buy your books?
Dymocks! They have a great book selection and I can’t resist walking by one without going in (:

Is getting your hands on foreign books tricky or easy (not mentioning online stores)?
No, I don’t think so! I have a Sony eReader, so I read a lot of my books off that. I also get a few off netGalley. The book stores here are really great, too! They have an amazing selection of both English and Chinese books, as well as other foreign languages.

Every country has its clichés. What cliché about China do you consider disproportionate?
I think a lot of people have the idea that China is really dirty and loud and smelly and stuff, and I guess in certain parts it kind of is, but for the most part it’s not! I’ve been to a lot of places in China that are absolutely gorgeous!

What does your average school day look like ?
Hmm, well, I guess my average school day is pretty busy! My school schedule changes frequently, because my school has a day cycle, which means we have A days and B days. On A days, I have Strings (I play the violin) and P.E. in the morning, and on B days I have Chinese and Religion class. Then in the afternoon, I have my core classes (meaning, English, History, Math and Science). We do get a few breaks in between though, mainly because my school’s huge so it takes time running from class to class! I usually have an hour’s worth of homework and studying, then I’m free to get online and blog and Facebook and etc.! Haha (:

Quick Q&A :
Favorite thing about China : The culture! Hong Kong is so diverse and I love that.
Least favorite thing about China : The pollution, Yuckk.
Favorite typically Chinese food : Dumplings, I’d have to say. (:
Favorite place in Hong Kong : Central, it has a lot of great shops and places to hang out with your friends!Favorite bookshop: Dymocks. But Page One comes in a close second. 
Favorite Chinese author: Cindy Pon, probably!
Favorite Chinese singer/band: Hmm…I don’t really listen to any Chinese singers, but I have to be loyal and say that it would be Chelsia Cheng – she’s actually a really good family friend, lol!
Favorite book to read while travelling: : I don’t really have a favorite book to read while travelling, I have too many books to pick favorites (;
Plane or train: Plane! Definitely.
Boat or bus: : Bus. I get seasick really easily.
Bike or feet: I’d have to say feet… mostly because I can’t ride a bike…I KNOW! I KNOW! Don’t judge )’:
Skyscrapers are scary if you look down from the top, but awesome otherwise.
I’m currently reading Tyger Tyger by Kersten Hamilton.

Thank you Alice! It was a pleasure having you up on the hill!
Next week we'll be traveling to England!
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  1. HI ALice! It is so cool when you've been in a lot of country! I've been in China, Beijing to be exact and I must say I agreed with you. Except, I love the food!!

  2. Hi Alice! It was so fun to read about your life in Hong Kong! And it must be so fun to have parents that travel all around the world with you! (mine are too poor to do that :P)

  3. Fun post :)

    I have been itching to try the Silver Phoenix.

  4. fun! I love dumplings, too, as long as they're vegan!! :-) Defo want to check out the books she recommended by chinese authors. I love seeing people so young have such a passion for reading already! :-)


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