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Saturday, 26 June 2010

The Petrifying Problem With Princess Petronella (by L.M. Moriarty)

by L.M. Moriarty
Release date : January 2009
The Space Brigade and the Petrifying Problem with Princess Petronella is a fun and fantastic inter-galactic adventure... Nicola Berry loves eating All Day Lasagne, is great at writing stories, uses the word 'preposterous' frequently, and longs to escape Mrs Pumpkin's incredibly boring Geography lesson. When Georgio Gorgiosko from Planet Globagaskar visits her class, Nicola gets the opportunity... The King and Queen of Planet Globagaskar have gone on holiday and left their spoilt daughter, Princess Petronella in charge. The sulky princess wants to turn earth into a rubbish dump. Georgio Gorgiosko must find an Earthling Ambassador to convince the princess otherwise and save earth. Nicola is up for the challenge, but what can she do to change the princess's mind? Even with a new outfit from the wardrobewhizonic ladies, it's going to be impossible to do on her own. She'll need the help of her friends in the Space Brigade. Be whisked away to Planet Globagaskar, where there's freeze grenades to freeze someone for ten minutes, a telepathy chef where you can think of something you'd like to eat and it will appear in front of you, and you can go swimming in the clouds. (taken from Egmont)
MY THOUGHTS : Fun and exciting! The world in which we're thrown in makes our imagination work all the time. The events are cleverly linked together, and I really wanted to learn more about these magical planets. Children can easily find themselves in the heroine, who is completely human (with her qualities and mistakes) and with her very 'Earthling' way of thinking. The relationship between  the Earthlings and the Globagaskarians is interesting and often brings the story to themes that we face every day (political relations between countries, environmental protection). The writing is really accessible to children.

The whole book is fun and, although the ending is predictable, the twists are surprising. I think the title is awesome too, even if long! The construction is quite usual but the atmosphere is unique. I adored the scene in which they jump in the clouds, such a dreamy thing! A very colorful story, well described, just enough to leave room for dreams. A morality based on friendship, respect and confidence. I really wanted to discover more of Nicola's adventures!


  1. Lovely review. I think this is a book I would have picked up based on the great cover alone(at least when I was 10), such fun colors and illustrations.


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