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Friday, 19 March 2010

French Friday (19)

Don't forget to check out Brizmus' French Friday !

Actually, Brizmus will soon be moving to Japan, so these few weeks may be the last French Fridays at her blog. Which makes me sad, but how exciting is it to be moving to Japan ?! I'm so happy for her. She has a lot of great contests right now, including a Moving Away International Mini-Giveaway, so hop off to Brizmus Blogs Books to enter !

Bonjour à tous !

This week I'm pretty excited to share with you two French covers of books that will soon be coming out in France. I am particularly excited about these two releases because I read these two books for review for my job a long time ago : I loved (adored) both of them, and both were chosen by Hachette, so like always when my positive reviews play a role (even if it's a small one) in the decision I am feeling extremely useful and happy !

The first one is Fire by Kristin Cashore. I fell in love with Graceling, my review must have been the most enthusiastic of all the reviews I've ever written, and when I got Fire I was even more enthusiastic. Fire will come out in may in France as Rouge. I spoke with my boss recently about the title's translation. I thought it would be translated by Flamme (Flame) since Feu (Fire) isn't the most beautiful of names. But they chose Rouge (Red) because there's already a book called Flamme, Cheval Sauvage (Flame, Wild Horse). :)

Anyway, here are the French covers. The first one is the same as the original UK cover, and the other one I've only seen in France yet. I'm a huge fan of the UK and US Graceling and Fire covers. I really prefer them to the new French one. But I think it has a little something, even if I would definitely pick the first one for my bookshelf.

The second book cover is for Threads by Sophia Bennet. It was translated as La Vie est un Conte de Filles (Life is a Girl's Tale). It sounds weird in English, but in French it's ok. Although this is yet another title translation that gets me thinking about why and how they think about such different titles...! It will come out in April here. I LOVE the French cover ! You can check out my review of Threads and my interview with Sophia Bennett if you haven't already. :)

Which covers do you prefer?

Have a nice friday!


  1. Oh I do like the French cover for Threads. Very cute.

    Hmm, I might consider participating in this meme? Well, my context is French works in Canada, but French is French, right? ^^; But um, not until summer, because I'm currently swamped by school...

  2. The French covers are great, really beautiful. If I could read French, I would probably buy them. :)

  3. I have a hard time choosing between the 2 Rouge covers, if I didn't know better, I never would guess they are for the same book as based only on their covers I never would think they are the same genre. I like the FRench cover too, it is very ethereal and unique.

    I prefer the French cover of Threads, so cute! :-)

    Charlotte, also wanted to let you know that you have an award waiting for you here. :-)

  4. SO CUTE the French cover for Threads. I actually kind of like the title Rouge for Fire, even though I've never read it. The French cover gives it such a DIFFERENT feel than the other.

    I'm kind of sad that I'll be quitting French Friday in Japan. :-(

  5. Love the french cover for Threads, looks so girly and cute :), and for Rouge I will definitely choose the first one for my bookshelf :)
    BTW I'm a new follower and love you blog .

  6. What a wonderful site you have!
    I have to say I like the French cover as well :)

    Thanks so much for visiting me!

  7. I love them all! Rouge looks amazing. I love the title in French, but slightly prefer the US cover. And I really, really like the French cover of Threads. I'm glad your readers agree, Charlotte. I think it's beautiful and captures the book perfectly. I'd buy it myself ...


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