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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Book Blogging Around The World (5) : Quezon City, The Philippines

Let's travel to The Philippines today !

Name : Tarie
Blogs : Into The Wardrobe and
City/Country : Quezon City, The Philippines

Welcome Tarie !

Tell us a little bit about you.
I used to teach academic writing and introduction to literature classes to college students. Now I edit materials that teach English as a foreign language. I secretly wish to edit children's and YA novels!

Tell us a little bit about your blog.
Asia in the Heart, World on the Mind is my new blog (less than six months old) on Asian children's and YA books. Into the Wardrobe is my more general blog on children's and YA books and is around five years old.

Have you ever lived anywhere else in the world?
Yes, I spent my childhood in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

What countries have you visited?
The US, Malaysia, and Singapore

What countries would you like to visit?
Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, India, and Iran

According to you, what are the positive and negative aspects of being a book blogger in the Philippines?
One positive aspect of blogging from the Philippines is bringing a fresh and unique view/voice to the online conversations on books. One negative aspect of blogging from the Philippines is having to deal with negative preconceptions about the Philippines. But I happily use my blogs to try to dispel those preconceptions!

What Filipino authors and books would you recommend?
Tall Story by Candy Gourlay! Candy is a Filipino author who lives in the UK and Tall Story is her debut novel for young readers. It features Filipino and British characters and is set in the Philippines and in the UK. Here is the link to my interview with Candy.

How many languages do you speak?
Two: English and Filipino.

Do you read more in English or in Filipino?

Where do you usually buy your books?
From my favorite bookstore in the Philippines, Fully Booked.

Is getting your hands on foreign books tricky or easy (not mentioning online stores)?
It's easy. Most of the books sold here are actually from the US and the UK.

The Philippines

Every country has its clichés. What cliché about the Philippines do you consider disproportionate?
Hmm. Can I talk about preconceptions? I must admit that I get sad and sometimes annoyed or frustrated when people think that international titles aren't available in Philippine bookstores. Philippine bookstores are filled with international titles!

In Philippine mythology, a Diwata or Lambana is a mythological figure similar to fairies or nymphs. Do you enjoy reading books about fairies? Do you believe they exist?
I don't believe in diwatas, but yes I enjoy stories about them. I don't read the stories; I enjoy listening to them. Though I must admit that stories about fantastical creatures in my country scare me!

Metro Manila

Quick Q&A
Favorite thing about the Philippines: family
Least favorite thing about the Philippines: government
Favorite typically Filipino food: mangoes
Favorite place in Quezon City: home
Favorite bookshop: Fully Booked
Favorite Filipino author: Nick Joaquin
Favorite Filipino singer/band: Parokya ni Edgar
Favorite book to read while travelling: none
Plane or train: plane
Boat or bus: boat
Bike or feet: feet
Islands are my home!
I enjoy watching fireworks.

Thank you Tarie ! It was a pleasure having you up on the hill !
Next week we'll be traveling to Finland !

Question of the Week :
Tell us about the best trip(s) you ever took !
Where did you go ? What made it memorable ?

If you'd like to be featured, this post is for you.


  1. Charlotte, I love the research that you put into the questions you ask bloggers from different countires. I really admire you for it. I already have Tall Story on my list of debuts to read this year. I'm looking forward to it. The best trip ever...honeymoon to Mexico last year. Holiday of a lifetime and as we'd just got married, me and hubby were brimming over with happiness.

  2. Charlotte, thank you so much for featuring me and my blogs. Like Becky, I really appreciate the research you put into your interview questions.

    Thank you again! :o)

  3. Great interview! I'll definitely be checking out Tall Story.
    Man, this interview has me really wanting to head to the Phillipenes now!

    As for the best trip ever, well, there have been SO MANY! I guess when I went to Croatia. The entire trip wasn't the most amazing trip ever, but we went to Plitvice Lakes, and it was hands down THE most beautiful place I have ever seen in my life. It was amazing. The next day, we went to this inland cove surrounded by healing muds that we got to roll around and play in. So much fun!

  4. Thanks for a great interview, Charlotte and Tarie. I also enjoy the pictures you added. It made me connect even more with Tarie.

  5. Brizmus and Juju, you should totally come visit the Philippines! =D

    Nathalie, the first picture was taken near General Santos City, my mom's hometown. I am there every Christmas. The second is the Metro Manila area, where I live. Come visit me! We'll have barbecues, Filipino style.

  6. How interesting! I didn't know about diwatas or lambanas.

  7. nice feature. i like this book. i'm so curious about the combo of filipinos in the u.k. (being a flip in u.s. that i am).

  8. Hi, La Coccinelle!

    vvb32 reads, Tall Story will be published in the U.S. too. :o)

  9. I just love your around the world posts, Charlotte! Not only do I discover new book blog but I also gain new knowledge about other countries :)

    Now I'm off to visit Tarie's blogs.


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