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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

My first (and maybe last) Twilight-ish Post

Today I received new books to read from my awesome boss, and what did I find attached ? An invitation to see New Moon ! That's cool, because honestly I don't think I would've gone otherwise. Nowadays going to the movies is too expensive for me, so when I go it's usually for a movie that I'm dying to see. And New Moon didn't fit in that category, I was ready to wait for the DVD to be released and to borrow it from someone.

I'm actually a late Twilighter. I read Twilight last month and I'm currently reading New Moon. I should feel ashamed, since it was Hachette that released Stephenie Meyer's books in France. And yes, I work for Hachette. Therefore I do read many vampire books for review, without having "THE" reference. But I don't think it's that terrible, my opinion has been less biased this way I guess.

So far I kind of enjoy reading the saga. It was tough to start reading it only this year, after having heard everything about it, be it good or bad. But I'm trying to be as "innocent" as I can while reading it, and I'm trying to avoid spoilers !

I'm going to finish New Moon before going to see the movie though. We'll see how it goes !


  1. Ohh, that's so cool! I hope you enjoy it - I LOVED it, thought it was SO much better than Twilight! Not as slow, a lot more exciting! :D Hope you enjoy the rest of the Twilight saga!

  2. I thought New Moon was amazing. Like Jo, I thought it was in a different class to Twilight. And I cannot post a comment without mentioning Taylor Lautner. He is so hot LOL!

  3. Oh! I hope you'll like the movie! :-) I can't believe you work for Hachette (have I ever mentioned to you that I am SO jealous of your job), and you're just reading them now.
    oh, et c'est trop bien qu'il neige a paris! J'aurais souhaite voir ca!!!

  4. i hope this is not your last post. i'd like to know how you like both the book and movie.
    btw: you've been awarded


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