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Sunday, 18 October 2009

Red-Headed Stepchild (by Jaye Wells)

by Jaye Wells
Release date : April 2009
It’s a hard knock life for Sabina Kane. Being half-vampire, half-mage, she’s an outcast from both races, not that she’s going to sit around crying about it. She does the job that suits a hot-headed, kick-ass chick like her – being an assassin for her vampire bosses, the Dominae. But in trying to fit in with her vampire family, she’s always tried to play down her mage powers, preferring to use her fangs and fists over spells and sorcery. And she doesn’t want to shout about being a half-breed when relations between the vampire and mage races aren’t exactly chummy. Sabina’s always thought it best to not ask questions when her vampire bosses decide who needs to bite the bullet. But when an annoyingly persistent (and rather cute) mage starts trying to inform Sabina about her mage heritage, Sabina starts to question whether she’s on the right side… (taken from Orbit Books)
MY THOUGHTS : This is a fast-paced, fun, touching, sexy and action-packed story ! The book begins with a bang, and I dove into it really quickly. I loved the mix between all the creatures : vampires, mages, fairies, and demons are written about in a modern and unusual way. I thought all the characters worked from the beginning to the end. At one point, Sabina has to share a flat with Vica, a Fairy (very floral and, well, Fairy-like) and she's also stuck with Gighul, a Demon changed into a cat, who's lazy and can't stop teasing her. These two characters really made me laugh. The dialogues are very rythmic and witty. Sabina's a strong assassin and a complex woman, but her personnality softens throughout the book, opening herself to friendship, and then love as she learns how to trust people. The plot, based around the system of the different casts and politics, is easily understandable and I never got lost. The sexual tension holds a big part in the book, but not in an 'obvious' and heavy way. I thought it was a well-balanced read, cleverly mixing suspense, romance, grief and laughs. When I finished I was curious to discover the sequel, that's always a good sign, isn't it?


  1. Well said! RHSC is so smart and fun, isn't it? Two of my favorite things.

    Nice review, GREAT BOOK!


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