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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Pemberley Ball RSVP

Pemberley Ball
November 20-22, 2009
3-day party
event postings will be up each day
from 6pm - 8pm PST

Mademoiselle Madeleine

Delighted to meet you. My name is Mademoiselle Madeleine Du Pommier. I am 24 20 years of age, and unfortunately not yet wed (argh). I live on the outskirts of the small and boring French village of Marminiac, where I have the pleasure of enjoying the dull calm countryside. I have never always been passionate about flowers, and since boredom is my most faithful friend, I take great pain pleasure in composing floral jewels for my family and close friends. My horrible dear and long lost father was at a time acquainted with Mr Charles Bingley’s father, whom he had met during his travels as a poor successful salesman. Mr Bingley made us an honor when inviting us to his best friend’s upcoming rave party Ball (a certain Mr Darcy, whom I haven’t yet had the pleasure to meet) in Derbyshire, England. I cannot describe how thrilled and happy (and that's an understatement) I have been since this wondrous news entered our house. I even ceased to think about flowers (big deal). For here comes adventure at last, and this may well be my opportunity to find myself a well-groomed and sexy husband, who I hope will accept my pathetic floral tendencies.

You may find enclosed the drawing of my future gown, especially tailored for the occasion. You may notice that flowers are involved (eeeek).

And as to my idea of how I would prefer Mr Darcy to look, you may find a photo I picked thanks to Google an image corresponding to my expectations. Please let him look like Colin Firth.

Would you care to join me at the Pemberley Ball ?
If so, do visit Velvet Lady Vee's "blog" (what in the hibiscus is a blog ?) at vvb32 reads to get your own invitation.


  1. Dahling, so good to hear from you! Your gown is exquisite with the flower highlights and ribbons. Most eye-catching, indeed.

    Ah yes, your likeness of Mr. Darcy is quite close to the real thing. But you will see for yourself at the Ball. Looking forward to your attendance.

    -Lady Vee

  2. FANTASTIC rsvp. You're from France, too, eh, Madeleine? You're welcome to ride in the carriage with the Marquis and I if you have no other transportation when we disembark from the boat.

  3. sounds intriguing, I like the writing, makes me laugh a bit

    I did read the book and saw most of the movies but I prefer the Mr. Darcy that was played by Matthew Macfadyen - I find his Mr. Darcy quite charming

  4. Lady Vee : I am honored by your compliments regarding the gown I shall wear on the occasion. I cannot wait to finally meet you at Pemberley.

    The Marquessa : I shall be more than grateful to share your carriage. Indeed I still had not found a soul as generous as you to share the journey with.

    Lissa : Thanks for your comment and for becoming a follower !

  5. Great RSVP, I am really looking forward to meet you at the ball. :)

    -Miss Annabella Huntington

  6. Ohhh, see you at the ball!

    word salad cornump


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