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Monday, 5 October 2009

Cry Wolf (by Edo Van Belkom)

by Edo Van Belkom
Release date : October 2007
The four teenage werewolves are back in their newest episode, a little older and a little more compromised by their approaching adulthood. This time, they are the target of Jake MacKinnon and Maria Abruzzo’s desire for revenge. At an end-of-term party, Jake spikes Noble’s drink, turning it into an almost lethal drug cocktail. While Noble is sidelined, events take a disastrous turn. Maria Abruzzo’s young sister goes missing, and despite their dislike for Maria, the pack does the right thing by trying to find the girl. As it happens, she has simply snuck off without permission to be with some boys. Everyone, including the police and the pack, is happy she is safe, but are less than pleased by her prank and the trouble she has caused. Maria, embarrassed by her sister and suspicious of the pack, threatens to expose them and whatever it is they are hiding. (taken from Tundra Books' website)
MY THOUGHTS : Again, a thrilling read that I enjoyed as much as the prequels. We grow fond of the characters and each new book brings us new ordeals, personal challenges, and also new themes. Here the pack's mission is to save someone, the stakes are high and it becomes harder for the siblings to keep their secret hidden.

It definitely is a page turner, suspense and action work their way like in the prequels. One detail that didn't really bother me in the two previous books but annoyed me in this one is the headmaster's arrival each time a confrontation or fight takes place : does he have eyes behind his head?! He seems to always be in the right place at the right time!

Also, still the same thing about the covers : creepy and not doing the book justice.

Check out my reviews of the prequels : WOLF PACK and LONE WOLF.


  1. The serie does sound fun to read. I love reading about werewolfs. The covers are indeed creepy! :)

  2. These books look good. I like reading about werewolves too (hey, Nina!). Nice reviews! :)


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